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Park Bench for One

Maximum occupancy: One person. Perfect for shy folks as it faces away from the street.

Bench for more than one and facing towards the street.


Monobloc Trikes

At Burham Park you can see those tiny three-wheeled pedal vehicles. Kids rent them to playfully go around a short distance path of about 200 meters (I think) for an hour. Some have fancy looking roofs, some have “A” roofs, and some have no roofs. Those single seater ones are the most common but I have also seen several tandem ones. What truly caught my attention is the practical design of its seating. A Monobloc chair is removable, replaceable, readily available, and easy to clean.

Coco Bamboo Seating


Bench made from bamboo and coconut trunk

Live Ornamentation


Looks like the aquarium fish vendor found a way to make his seating theft proof

Goldfish and other aquarium fish for sale on a sidewalk in downtown Iloilo.

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