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Tubs of fermented tiny fish, shrimp fry, and baby oyster
Baby oyster
Tiny fish
Shrimp fry

Guinamos Micro-retailer

The biggest block of shrimp paste on his table cost 150 pesos so this vendor is micro-retailing it

Guinamos Mound


Heaps of guinamos (salted shrimp fry paste)

The guinamos vendor at Iloilo City Central Market procures 100 kilos of guinamos that will be then split into mounds of 50 kilos per plastic tub for retailing.


The two lizards in the background love the smell of guinamos, I suppose


Guinamos is an Ilonggo salty shrimp paste sold by blocks. A sautéed guinamos in tomatoes and pork fat is my favorite rice condiment.

Look like bricks

Bicolano Ingredients

Gabi leaves (taro) for pinangat and laing.

Alamang (shrimp paste), a Bicol Express ingredient.

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