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Triangular Prism Signs

Pencil Background

They’ve even thought of making pencil no. 2 as background for jeepney route sign. So I’m leaving it here for posterity’s sake, before they start to gentrify jeepneys. I’m not optimistic at all if the government’s plan for jeepney modernization program shall be able to retain the masa art.

Middle Noodle

Small noodle, big noodle, and middle noodle

Typography: Chicken Shop Sign

I love the L’s lion head

Typography: Jewelry Repair Shop Sign

Casket Merchant Signage

Looks like an old ‘modern casket’ merchant sign

Illustrated Sign: Sharpening Service

Carbon Barbecue

The naming of a grilled meat stall

A Particular Position Sign

This-particular-position-is-prohibited-on-this-wall sign

Slipping Warning Sign

Squat Toilet Instruction

Drawing instruction on how to position oneself on a squat toilet

Of Bags and Train Etiquette

Target Shooting Sign

Target shooting sign with an image of its mascot

Beware of Stingers

Beware of tall jellyfish

Optical Shop Sign

Letter “O” is wearing sunglasses and baseball cap. I’m curious about the quoted computerized eye check-up. 

Rice Stall

The number on the sign denote the price of rice per kilo in Philippine peso. Rice in open sacks on the first row are branded and their signs carry the brand name. Unbranded rice on the second and third rows have signs that tell the variety and quality factor like malambot (tender) and mabango (aromatic).

Toilet Gender Segregation

Closed Sign

A sign made from a scrap flattened carton box that is posted on a fabric that covers the furnishings of a humble sidewalk night-time eating place. It says “Closed for 1 day” (I guess).


In Sri Lanka, a ‘hotel’ is an eating place (restaurant) and not (always) a sleeping place.


In Philippines we call it pharmacy, whereas in Hong Kong they call it dispensary.

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