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Pinamalhan na Salmonete


Pinamalhan na salmonete

Pinamalhan is a Hiligaynon term for stewing fish in vinegar and salt (and/or soy sauce) until all liquid evaporates, hence the dish becomes mala (dry), and that’s why it’s called pinamalhan. We normally include crushed garlic and/or sliced onions to the vinegar and fish for the stewing process. Salmonete fish is perfect for pinamalhan. Back in my growing up days in Bacolod, I recall my mother will always prepare pinamalhan na salmonete every time she can get hold of fresh salmonete from the wet market. Naturally, I get to acquire the liking for this simple breakfast viand that is totally perfect with steamed rice.


Nasi Kerabu


Blue rice and fried fish

In Kelantan, they have blue rice. It’s not the grains that are blue, rather it became blue because of the blue flower known in Malay as bunga telang, a natural food color just like how turmeric is used as yellow food color.


You can see toasted grated coconut topping while in the process of putting together my nasi kerabu dish

Nasi kerabu is a dish of blue rice with toasted grated coconut, herbs, some sauce, vegetable garnishing, and keropok and is normally eaten with viand. When you mix the rice and vegetables with your right bare hand, then use hand as utensil as well, and you find the combination of flavors quite appealing,  then you’ll feel like a true blue Kelantanese.


Hand mixed nasi kerabu with fried fish, keropok, and solok lada

Black Viands

A couple of Tausug viands where the black color comes from burnt coconut.


Tula Itum: Spicy beef soup


Chicken Pianggang: A variant of grilled chicken

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