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Pinamalhan na Salmonete


Pinamalhan na salmonete

Pinamalhan is a Hiligaynon term for stewing fish in vinegar and salt (and/or soy sauce) until all liquid evaporates, hence the dish becomes mala (dry), and that’s why it’s called pinamalhan. We normally include crushed garlic and/or sliced onions to the vinegar and fish for the stewing process. Salmonete fish is perfect for pinamalhan. Back in my growing up days in Bacolod, I recall my mother will always prepare pinamalhan na salmonete every time she can get hold of fresh salmonete from the wet market. Naturally, I get to acquire the liking for this simple breakfast viand that is totally perfect with steamed rice.



Passing through the highway between Pili and Sagñay in Camarines Sur I’ve noticed several paksiwan carinderia patronized by motorists. Curious about what kind of paksiw they have, I decided to have one in a place named Isarog View Paksiwan in Ocampo town. And so it’s not the paksiw I had in mind but it was boiled beef soup or beef nilaga. Just like the nilaga in Bacolod minus the atsuete.


Painted sign with Mt Isarog


Another sign


Mt Isarog as seen from the paksiwan


My delicious paksiw halo (offals included but one can opt with just the meat only) and rice with Mt Isarog view at dusk obscured partially by the motorcycle whose driver went for a paksiw break also

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